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Dress Code

Clothing for Learning- Dress CodeTop of Page

Students clothing and other possessions (backpacks, bracelets, hats etc.) must be free of:
  • Material that can potentially offend another school community member as interpreted by school staff as negative, derogatory, or otherwise offensive
  • Drug, alcohol, or tobacco content
  • Sexually suggestive graphics or language, or obscene content
  • Association with a group (such as taggers, gang, or crew) that is determined to be detrimental to the safety and well-being of the school community
  • Content advocating violence or discrimination of race, gender, ethnicity, and/or sexual orientation
  • Hate messages (i.e. Hater hats, shirts, socks etc.)
Dress Code
  • Undergarments covered at all times
  • Skirts 2” above knee
  • Shorts 4” above the knee
  • No form-fitting skirts or dresses
  • No form fitting or yoga style pants or sweats (DENIM material skinny jeans okay)
  • No holes in pants, capris, shorts, or skirts above the dress code length unless non-sheer clothing is   underneath
  • No sagging pant
  • Tank tops must measure 2 inches at the top of the collarbone
  • No cleavage or undergarments showing sitting or standing
  • No midriffs showing
  • Dress Code clothing must be worn under sheer, see through, or lace, garments including pants, skirts, dresses, and shirts
  • No sleep wear, pajamas, or slippers
  • Shoes are to be worn at all times
  • Girl’s swim suits are to be one piece. Two pieces can be worn with a t-shirt.
  • P.E. uniforms are to follow this dress code

Dress Code Disciplinary PolicyTop of Page

Students not in dress code must be provided Dress Code Pass to the office, sign clipboard, and wear office clothes, wear admin approved clothes in backpack, or call home for clothing. To avoid school disruptions, students will not have option of borrowing clothes from friends in class or getting clothes from P.E. locker.

1st offense -clipboard signed, clothes in dress code before returning to class
2nd offense -clipboard signed, clothes in dress code before returning to class, phone call home
3rd offense -phone call home, clothes in dress code, ISS for remainder of day