Snow Days

During snowy or extreme weather, parents should listen to local television and radio stations to determine if PINT is closed for the day--or if a snowfall is closing school early.

In the event this happens, there are several school closing situations that might occur, depending on what
time the snow falls:

  • Snowfall occurs at night or early morning, the school(s) could be closed before the buses
    leave on their routes.
  • School(s) must close earlier than the normal release time.

In any of the school closing situations just described, all Paradise Unified School District households will be notified by telephone through our Connect Ed system. It is very important that each school has up-to-date contact information on each student. The District will also continue to notify local radio and TV stations immediately, including the Town of Paradise emergency broadcast station at 1500 AM and the Upper Ridge emergency broadcast station at 1460 A. (Refer to the list shown below.) You may also obtain information by

logging on to the District web page or by calling the Transportation Office at 872-6484. Please realize phone
lines may be busy.

KHSL-TV Channel 12
KRCR-TV Channel 7
KNVN-TV Channel 24
KPAY-AM 1290
Town of Paradise-AM 1500
Upper Ridge-AM 1460