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Evergreen 6

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Evergreen-6 is a 6th grade-only program of Paradise Intermediate School taught by a core team of teachers plus a support staff. Students at Evergreen-6 are placed in a homeroom group with whom they rotate through their core subjects. Students are mixed for math based on their math skills. Academic expectations at Evergreen-6 include about 60 minutes of practice nightly in core classes plus a minimum of 2 hours of independent reading per week.

In addition to academics, Evergreen-6 strives to develop well-rounded, community-minded citizens. This program has a focus on teaching students the value of energy as well as the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle. Campus beautification and gardening are also ongoing activities. Thanks to several grants, Evergreen-6 is a PG&E Solar School with a 1 kW solar system, 15 solar ovens, a recycling program, active rain diversion barrels and a worm-compost farm. Community and multi-generational interaction has also been a focus as Evergreen-6 has visited Oak Knoll retirement home once a month and welcomed 3rd grade students to their campus yearly for their annual "Solarbration" celebration. Students of Evergreen-6 may also attend a number of field trips throughout the year, including a three-day camping trip at the end of the year.

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