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Physical Education

Welcome to Paradise Intermediate School and our Physical education program.  As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to become a well-rounded person, skilled in many lifetime activities along with developing your overall fitness level.

Our staff is dedicated to you and to your success in our program.  We want to provide an environment which will enable you to become physically educated (a person who develops a life-long commitment to their own physical well-being, health and fitness).  Our goal is to see you leave our program ready to lead an active healthy lifestyle.

GoalsTop of Page

Goal #1: Motor Skills and Movement Knowledge--Students need to develop effective motor skills and to 
            understand the fundamentals of movement by practicing & analyzing purposeful movement.
            *  Motor Learning
            *  Biomechanics
            *  Exercise Physiology
Goal #2: Self-Image & Personal Development--Students develop & maintain a positive self-image & strive
            to become the best they can be through planned physical activity.
            *  Human Growth & Development
            *  Psychology
Goal #3: Social Development--Students develop appropriate social behaviors by working independently & 
            with others during planned physical activity.
            *  Sociology
            *  Historical Perspectives

Dress PolicyTop of Page

1) The required uniform for participation in class is:
            *  One Ash Gray t-shirt and one Gold t-shirt
            *  Black shorts (mid thigh length or longer)
            *  Athletic shoes (must provide ankle support)
            *  Socks
            *  Sweats (any color)
Uniforms will be sold at school.  $5 per shirt and $8 for shorts.  Total uniform costs $18 for two shirts and shorts. Cash only please.
2)  All P.E. shirts and shorts must have the student's last name printed clearly on it.
3)  A loaner will be issued if a student forgets his/her uniform.
4)  A written warning will be given for the first clothes cut per quarter.  If a student continues to be 
     irresponsible when it comes to dressing, their teacher will follow the school discipline policies.

Locker PolicyTop of Page

1)  Students will be assigned one lock and locker.  Students are to use the locker assigned to them

2)  Locks will be issued the first week of class and students are responsible for remembering their
3)  Lock combinations should not be shared between students. 
4)  It is the responsibility of the students to secure their lock at all times.

Locker Room RulesTop of Page

1)  No food, drink or gum in the locker room or gym.
2)  No running or horseplay in locker room.
3)  Space is limited, so be patient and polite.

Roll Call and Tardy PolicyTop of Page

1)  Students are expected to be in the locker room on time.
2)  Students have 5 minutes to get dressed into their P.E. uniform and out to the roll call lines.
3)  If a student is tardy to roll call and does not have an excuse note the following consequences will
     occur quarterly: 
         *  Verbal Warning
         *  Behavior Warning
         *  Detention

Medications/Medical ExcusesTop of Page

1)  All medication taken on campus must be registered with the school nurse. Students may never share   
2)  A student must bring a note signed by his/her parent or guardian in order to be excused from participation in 
     class.  The excuse note will be honored at the discretion of the instructor.  An attempt to modify the
     activity will be made without putting the student's reason for the excuse in jeopardy.
     Only 3 excuse notes per grading period for a total of 3 days will be accepted.  If the excuse note
     is for more than 3 days, a doctor's note must be submitted to the school health aide.

Assessment and GradesTop of Page

Throughout the year, teachers will access each student's performance for refinement & grading purposes. 
Assessment will take into consideration the following areas:
     *Daily Participation/Attitude and Effort
     *Written and Skill Assessments
     *Sportfolio Assignments
     *Student Self-Assessment
Letter grade (grading is done on a straight %) - 100-90=A  89-80=B  79-70=C  69-60=D  59 & below=F

Student Expectations and ResponsibilitiesTop of Page

1)  Do your best each day in all aspects of class.
2)  Use proper social skills at all times.
3)  Attend class in proper clothing for the prescribed activity/facility and weather.
4)  Be responsible for all medical excuse notes, and readmit slips.
5)  Complete all class assignments and homework.
6)  Complete make-up work if absent.
7)  Get to roll call on time.
8)  Make sure that your locker is secured.
9)  Take care of PE clothes, including storage and cleaning.
10) Report an injury to your teacher immediately.