Attendance Policy

The Paradise unified School District has high academic expectations for students.  In order for each student to meet these expectations and realize maximum personal achievement, the students must attend school daily and arrive at school on time each day.
     Parents are asked to help their children meet all school commitments, to refrain from making non-school commitments such as medical appointments and recreational plans for their children during school hours.
     If your child must miss school, upon their return following a partial day, full day or extended absences, the parent shall notify the school representatives via written note or some other personal notification of the date(s), length of time and reason(s) for the student's absence.  Failure of the parent to notify school representatives of the reason for absences within a reasonable period of time (3 school days) will result in the absence being considered unexcused. 
     Pursuant to the California Education Code and the Paradise Unified School District Policies and Procedures, student attendance procedures are:
     STUDENT TARDIES: a student is tardy when he/she arrives in the classroom after the tardy bell rings, but before the first thirty minutes of class has been completed.  A tardy is considered a truant tardy if a student has an unexcused tardy of 30 minutes or more.
     STUDENT ABSENCES: Whether an absence is excused or unexcused, the student will be expected to make up the work that was missed within a reasonable period of time.  Any student absence not excused by school personnel will be unexcused:  any student absence resulting from a school suspension will be unexcused.  Parents will be notified of attendance problems so that hey can be resolved quickly.
EXCUSED ABSENCES: A student absence is excused when it is a result of illness, quarantine by county or city health officer, having medical, dental or optometric services services rendered, or attending funeral services of a member of the pupil's immediate family.  Our primary concern is the education of our students. 
     It is also important to note the following:  The state allocates funding to schools based on the actual number of students in attendance on any given day.  The funding to sustain our schools is reduced every time a student is absent, whether or not the absence is excused or unexcused.  In order to sustain the programs and positions that allow our district to provide for students, the students must attend school every day possible.  
     A student who has three days of unexcused absences or three truant tardies will be declared a truant.  A student with five unexcused absences or truant tardies will be declared a habitual truant and the parents will be notified of their obligation to resolve the truancy problem.  If the truancy problem is not resolved, a referral will be made to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) for further legal action.  In addition, a student with excessive excused absences will also be referred to SARB.  
     We hope that these attendance procedures will help both the school and parent to work together in a cooperative manner toward our common goal of increasing each child's success in school.

Roger Bylund