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8th Grade Activity Day, Dance and Promotion Criteria

Activity Day and Promotion Dance Requirements
All eighth grade students will be eligible to participate in the year end Activity Day provided they have:
    ● No suspensions during the 4th quarter equaling or adding up to 1 or more days for an action(s) listed under Serious Offenses in these pages (identified by Ed Code 48900)
    ● Not more than 2 or more majors
    ● Have maintained adequate attendance as determined by the attendance clerk and administration 
    • Students participating in Activity Day and/or Dance must comply with dress code.

Promotion Ceremony
All 8th grade students will be eligible to participate in the Promotion Ceremony provided they have:
     • No grades of F in any subjects in their 8th grade year.  As current state laws require, there
       will be differential standards implemented for exceptional students.  These students will have
       an individual plan developed by a team consisting of teachers, administration, and parent(s) and
       approved by the IEP team.
     •Behavior meets guidelines set forth above in the Activity Day and Promotion Dance requirements
     • Clothing attire must follow Promotion Dress Code.  The following two accommodations are made for
        promotion attire.  All other school dress code expectations will apply:
        o Promotion/dance dresses can have spaghetti straps as long as no undergarments are showing
                   and provide full coverage of cleavage while standing and sitting.  (Sheer or see-through material
                   is not considered full coverage)
        o Dresses must reach 1” past the student’s fingertips as arms are held straight down the sides.
      • It is recommended that students bring a shawl or scarf in the event their dress is not providing coverage
        as described above.  If student does not have scarf or shawl, one will be provided to them by the office. 
      • If students are unsure of whether their planned attire follows dress code, it is an option for students to
        have their clothing approved in advance by the office.
These standards are for minimal competency.  We encourage each student to strive for excellence and we,
as a staff, have made a commitment to recognize students during the ceremony who demonstrate academic
and behavioral excellence and/or admirable improvement.