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Health OfficeTop of Page

Students are not to make their own arrangements for pick up for health or any other reason.  Students are to go to the health aide's office for EMERGENCY first aid and personal health problems. Parents and or guardians will be contacted in the event a student becomes ill or injured. Should a student be unable to continue their studies, the school’s Health Tech will contact parents or authorized persons to make arrangements for the student to be checked out. Early check out can only be arranged between the parent/guardian and office staff.  Until such arrangements have been made, students must remain on campus.

MedicationsTop of Page

Prescription and non-prescription medications require a “Physician’s Authorization For Medication” form to be on file in the Health Office. Without this form, the medication can not be administered.

Student InsuranceTop of Page

At the beginning of the school year, application forms for student insurance are made available to you. This insurance can be purchased at a very reasonable cost. The transaction is between the parents and the insurance company. We encourage every parent to have accident insurance of his choice on each child. Insurance is required for extracurricular activities.

CounselorTop of Page

Our counselor is an ADVOCATE for students and focuses on facilitating learning and encouraging students to take advantage of the opportunities provided at the school. At parent or teacher request, our school counselor will schedule a Student Study Team meeting with the parents and teachers to discuss ways to support a student’s success.  If you feel there is a problem which is interfering with your child's ability to learn, please let the counselor know.  Some areas of concern might be: incomplete homework, class placement, divorce/family crisis, isolation/over-socialization, peer disputes.  They will often work as mediators or facilitators (not disciplinarians) with students, parents, and administrators in discipline situations. If a student wishes to see a counselor, he/she can receive a pass from the class teacher to make a request at the front office.