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Office Procedures

AbsencesTop of Page

When a student is absent, parents must call the school and/or send a signed note within 3 school days and relate the reason for the absence to the attendance clerk. Our automated calling system will notify you in the event your student is absent from one or more classes. You may call the school at 872-6465 and leave a message explaining the absence. 
The Five Excused Absences:
1. Dr. Appointment  2. Funeral Service  3. Illness  4. Court Appointment  5. Quarantine

Early CheckoutTop of Page

Students are not to make their own arrangements for early pick-up.  Parents and guardians are asked to come into the main office to sign out a student leaving before the end of the school day. Office personnel will send for the student. Students returning to school will sign in at the main office before going to class. 

Late ArrivalTop of Page

Students arriving late must sign in at the main office before attending class. The office will issue a pass
to class after signing in.  If it is an excused late arrival, please send a note with your student.

TruancyTop of Page

State law requires all students to be in school daily unless out with a valid excuse. Disciplinary action will be taken for repeated absences.  The law requires parents/guardians to see that students are in school.

Change of Address/PhoneTop of Page

It is important that we be able to communicate with parents and guardians quickly and accurately. Please notify the attendance office or the main office with any change in your contact information or address at 872-6465.

School VisitorsTop of Page

Parents, guardians, and community members are welcome to visit our school.  Visitors check-in first at the main office to receive a Visitor’s Pass. Office personnel will assist with parents/guardians seeking to meet with a student.  Teacher or room visitations can be arranged by directly contacting the teacher or by requesting an appointment through the main office. 

Closed CampusTop of Page

Paradise Intermediate School is a closed campus. This means that once students arrive on campus they are required to remain on campus during the scheduled school day.  Students may only leave with the proper release by the school administration.