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Remediating a Failed Grade

Students may remediate a failed grade by establishing a contract with the guidance counselor or administration. Students have two options for remediating failed grades.

Option 1
Students may remediate a failed grade in a core academic class (math, English, social science, and science) by taking Study Skills as an elective option depending on availability. In Study Skills, students will complete an on-line course equivalent of the core curriculum with supervision and support from a credentialed teacher. Students attending Study Hall are expected to attend regularly until the on-line course work has been completed at a passing level of performance. Once the grade has been remediated, the student will be returned to an elective class.

Option 2
Student will attend 20 hours of Academic Support class before or after school to work on designated curriculum. Once the terms of the contract have been met, the failed grade will be converted to a passing mark. (Dependent on staff availability)