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Student Incentives and Celebrations

Students recognized for demonstrating Safety, Respect, and Responsibility may receive acknowledgement through one or more of our reward systems. 
Eagle Academic Celebrations- Celebration for students demonstrating excellence in academics

Talon Tokens- Given daily to students following the school-wide expectations of Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful.  Students can use the tokens at the Student Store to purchase items, privileges, or gift certificates.

Cut-in-Line Passes- Students can go to the front of the lunch line with a Cut-in-Line pass earned for positive student conduct during lunch and throughout the day.

Rallies- School-wide celebrations organized by our Leadership group to encourage school spirit.

Blast!- Every other Friday, 7th and 8th grade, eligible students, are celebrated with a social event of music and games for their time given to school community service. 

Staff vs. Student Athletic Competitions- Softball, basketball and other competitions are periodically organized by Leadership throughout the year during Blast.

PINT Student of the Month-Each month each teacher chooses their Student of the Month.  

Achievement Awards- Students will be acknowledged for their achievements in the areas of citizenship, attendance, academics, and/or improvement.  Families will be invited to attend an award ceremony recognizing nominated students.